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If spirits are actually the personalities of those who once lived and refused to cross over to
the other side at the moment of death, then wouldn't these spirits reflect the turmoil of their
formal life?  If hauntings are the residual effects of trauma being imprinted on the atmosphere
of a location, then wouldn't places where terror and insanity were commonplace be extremely
haunted? Read what went on at Bartonville.

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The Athens Mental Health Center was a large, state run institution with a reputation
for housing the criminally insane,  some of the inmates have gained national attention.
Especially notable was Billy Madigan.  The Devil's graveyard and the impression of
"Marge" an escapee that was never found.

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         Essex Mountain

The history of The Essex Mountain Sanatorium begins with The Newark City Home,
which was established in Verona New Jersey in 1873 on property which is today
the grounds of the Verona High School. The purpose of the home was to both reform
the children of Newark who "were treading the downward path" and to serve as an
orphanage.  In 1900, a great fire destroyed the main building of the home and the
trustees had decided that the whole institution should be changed from the congregate
massing of children in one building, to the "cottage system", a system in which boys and
girls are segregated and children are grouped into "families", with each "family" consisting
of not more than 50 children. Under the new system, a separate cottage would be needed for the girls. Later that year, a site roughly a quarter-mile northwest of the boys' cottages was chosen for its location, and money was appropriated for its construction. The cornerstone for the "Newark City Home for Girls" was laid on the crest of the Second Orange Mountain in Verona, the highest point in Essex County, on October 30, 1900. The building was completed and opened in January of 1902, but the number of delinquent girls was small and in most cases homes for them could be secured in private families. Four short years later in 1906, due to this decreasing enrollment, the girls cottage was phased out and the building stood vacant.

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