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These pages are dedicated to my mother, why?  Because my mother insist on telling me about the time I was a toddler and how the ghost living in our home kept taking my toys, she also tells other stories about strange things that have happened in our house.  I have included some of her tales of ghostly encounters and some of  the things that happened to me, according to my mother.  These will be placed within, and a special note stating "According To My Mother;" will identify my, well,,, I guess you can say, close encounter of the spooky kind, until then check out the other creepy stories.

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Ouija Board

Some of you may not believe me and some may know what I went through...this is my story. It happened about 2 years ago in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania. I had just moved in with my boyfriend at the time and his father (his parents were divorced and his mother lived out of state).

We had invited a few friends over and we all were a little bored, so my boyfriends sister decided that it would be fun to play with her Ouija board. I had never played with one and was very skeptical. We had contacted a few "spirits" and I really started to get into it. One of the "spirits" started to get hostile and I decided I'd had enough. I went into the next room to watch T.V. After about an hour, I started to get sleepy so I kissed my boyfriend goodnight and went upstairs to our bedroom. I could still hear them downstairs and they were rather loud so I shut the bedroom door.

I had just about fallen asleep when I felt a presence...I knew that my boyfriend was still downstairs and I hadn't heard the door open. I started to sit up when I was forcefully pushed back down. I started to scream but I felt my throat tighten and I was unable to make any sound. My shoulders were being pinned to the bed and I could feel a great pressure on my thighs as if someone was kneeling on them. I started to cry...tears rolling down my cheeks.

After what seemed like forever (although the clock showed it to be about 5 minutes from beginning to end) I felt the pressure just dissipate. I started to scream and jumped out of the bed and ran straight to the bathroom...My boyfriend heard me scream and by the time he got upstairs, I was vomiting uncontrollably. He told me later that I was shaking so badly, he thought I was having a seizure. I told him what had happened and he went into the room to investigate. He came back and told me that no one was there and I had been dreaming. (I knew I was wide awake!)

 I went downstairs and told my best friend, whom I should tell you is very sensitive to ghosts and spirits, and he went upstairs to check it out. He returned ten minutes later and was as white as I was. He told me he had sensed something so evil and malevolent and that he would not recommend my staying in that room...EVER! I moved my stuff into one of the downstairs rooms the next day. I avoided that room as much as possible until we moved out.

Last year we had moved out of state to be closer to his mother and I asked her about the house. She wanted to know why I asked and I told her my story...then she told me the same thing had happened to her 15 years earlier. Apparently the house was built in the early 1900's, around 1920 or so I can't remember the exact year. The man who had originally lived there lost his wife and daughter to a car accident on what they call Hell's Hill. He never fully recovered from the shock and people say he went crazy. He was out late one night and stopped a teenage girl on her way home from a friends house. He told her that he had drank a considerably amount of alcohol and couldn't remember how to get to his house. She kindly offered to help and when they arrived at his front door he dragged her inside and upstairs...there he beat her, raped her, and strangled her to death. (they found her body in the river 3 weeks later) He then hung himself in the same room.....the room that I was sleeping in.   I have not been back to the house since but I hope that whoever lives there now has not had the same experience.

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 I am 15 years old and all my life it seems that I have experienced paranormal things. At an early age my mom said I had a little imaginary friend, but my friend wasn't imaginary. It was a little girl who died in my grandma's house about 40 years before. It was weird because I used always play with her and ask her things. And since then I seem (to my mom) to be a psychic. I have dreams that happen before it actually does happen, but the catch is that they are bad. Like I had a dream my great grandmother had died, but it was like I was standing right next to her. For Pete's sake, I knew what my great grand pa would react to it. But it seems to always be surrounded around my family.

But my other ghost experience is when we moved to a town house in California. It had 3 rooms and I had the chance to have my own room. Well, I had been very sad since before my great grandmother died because a lot of people said I was just like her. So one night I was asleep and something was whispering my name in my ear telling me to get up.  I sat up in my bed and looked outside, but it was still dark. I began to think something was going on. My room was next to the kitchen and I began to smell some food cooking, I thought my mom was making a midnight snack (like she usually does) so I went to go check. I walked in the kitchen and saw a lady who looked like my mom from the back cooking so I said, "Mom?" and all a sudden the lady spun around and she had slits on her face arms and neck, she was also pregnant and said to me "Breakfast ready hon." I was so scared that I ran to my room, closed the door, jumped in the bed and pulled the covers over my head and shivered until I heard a soothing, familiar voice that stroked my head and said "It's alright honey, I am always here to protect my munchkin." And I knew who it was because only two people call me by that name: the person who gave it to me, and my great grandma. I was so excited that I threw the covers from off my head and there she was, her beautiful skin and her joyous grin. I was so happy that I went to give her a hug, but she disappeared. I was so shocked I cried. But now every time something bad happens, I can always hear her whisper in my ear, "It's alright hun, I am always here to protect you."

There are two more instances in which ghosts are involved. One happened with something like the "Fuzzy Ghost" when I was 6, but it was one night when I was watching TV. in me and my little sister's bedroom and at 9:00 pm the TV all of a sudden went fuzzy. I knew it wasn't late so I went to get out of bed and tell my parents what had happened. Then just before I got out of bed I saw someone standing in my door way, but it looked like the fuzzy TV. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and looked again but it was still there. So I pulled the covers over my head for a second till I thought it was gone, Then a minute later I looked from under my covers and it was gone. We moved soon afterwards, but I never told my parents and I never saw it again.

The last and most recent experience happened a month ago. Me and my dad were home alone and everyone else were gone somewhere, My dad went out when I was asleep, and I woke up early in the morning in my parents room to find my dad gone and I automatically knew he went out so I went to bed and something told me to open my eyes and I did and looked in the mirror to see a black figure standing over me, but I couldn't see it with my naked eye. I was so afraid that I went to my parents room and locked myself in till my dad got home and tried to get in his room. Well, as I said, my life seems to be the center of paranormal experiences. All these events are true whether you believe it or not. I have more but I think I'll stop for now.

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The Worker

My family has been in our home for maybe 2 years. It's 30 yrs. old and we have been in a constant state of reconstruction. Walls and ceilings torn down, kitchens and baths installed, always a worker in our driveway.

From the first week we purchased this house my now 4 yr. old son would claim to have become friends with "the man on the roof". Every time we looked out a window or got something out of the attic , he would ask "I see the man on the roof?" It became a joke. We thought he had befriended one of our friendly construction men.

When the weather warmed up last spring, the neighborhood kids came out of the woodwork. Three little guys were accompanied by their 25 yr. old babysitter. These kids live in a 100yr. old farmhouse. "Any ghosts?" I asked. She replied that when the kids were really little , they would often see things. I said " Oh, like Jack sees the man on the roof." Without skipping a beat she said that in this house he would see a man on the roof. Ten years before ,when she was fifteen, her mom and the previous owners of my home had been best friends. She recalled the frantic phone call one afternoon when the owner of my house called crying to her friend. One of the workers who was changing the gutters had fallen off the roof and broken his neck. He died on the spot. Friends and relatives often ask who the man is walking up our driveway only to realize a minute later that there is no one there.

 My son has not seen the man on the roof for almost a year. However, we just had the roof replaced this week and my older son swears that he sees someone walking around upstairs. I believe that the man on the roof is checking out our new work. Increased ghostly sightings have been the norm with every construction job we've had done. Hope we're up to code.  

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The Promise

When I was 5, my maternal grandmother visited us in Ohio. She resided in Washington state, and this was the first and only meeting I am able to recall. I remember I adored her, but I don't remember much of the actual visit until the night her and my grandfather were set to leave on the Amtrak train back home. I remember this event so clearly, it's as if it happened only yesterday.

All was fine while we waited for the train to arrive. We practically had the train station to ourselves that night, and so my parents let me run all over the place. I was having a blast up until it was time for my grandparents to leave. I freaked out. I knew I would never see my grandma again, and I screamed over and over for her to stay. I even told her, and anyone within a mile radius probably, that I'd never see her again if she left. I wouldn't let go of her so that she could get on the train, until finally my grandpa picked me up and held me tight, allowing my grandma to get on the train. Before she left, though, she made me a simple promise that I would see her again.

As she boarded the train, my grandpa pointed up, and we watched the most amazing shooting star dart across the sky. A peace washed over me in that instant, and I knew everything would be alright. Five nights passed and I awoke one evening and turned to look at my doorway, and there, floating by in a white gown, was my grandma. I watched as she passed, unable to utter a sound or make a move. When she disappeared it was like being released from a trance, and I started screaming my lungs out. My mom rushed into the room, and I told her I had just seen grandma's ghosts. Of course, her explanation was that it was only a dream. I knew better, and cried myself asleep. Early the next morning, my mother received the news that my grandma had passed away during the night. Even more astounding is that the time of death was estimated at precisely the same time I woke my mother with my screaming. My mom came into the room that I shared with my sister, looked at me, and proceeded to tell my sister the bad news. They hugged and cried, where as I had no more tears left. I had already come to terms with the death. I now believe God sealed the promise she made me that night at the train station, and allowed for me to see her one last time. I have never again seen a spirit, but I now possess an absolute certainty that there is more to come after death. This single event in my life has been guiding me to seek a better understanding of the unknown ever since I was finally able to free myself from fear.

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Granny's Place

 I am sort of naive when it comes to ghosts even though I believe in spirits. I think I have had encounters a couple of times at my Grandma's house. Once I was sitting at the bottom of the staircase and it was dark upstairs. I looked up and saw a white image floating right outside a guest room. I tried to tell myself it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but I swear it was something else.

 Another time I was sleeping in the guest room and thought my Grandma was walking up the stairs because it was creaking just like some one was coming up and we were the only two people in the house at the time. As the bedroom door was open  I expected to see her walk by or enter my room, but there was no sign of her! Another time I was sleeping in the guest room and the lights were off,  all of a sudden the light started to flicker on and off, there was no storm outside. Once I was playing the piano in her house downstairs and I looked up on the ceiling and it looked like waves from the ocean swifting by. I was not hallucinating!!! These are completely real events that have mystified me.

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My Friend..The Ghost

Where I work I have a ghost that used to scare me when I felt him around, but then I started singing to relax myself and it he seemed to like it.  He's became sort of a friend. 

 Well two days ago a friend of mine came behind me and scared me and I told him he's better behave or I'd set my ghost on him.  We both laughed but when he turned to leave, a bunch of pan lids came off a rack sitting close to my friend and scared the heck out of him.  All he could say was "" Your ghost got me""  No one else was in there and the lids were sitting into slots where they couldn't have been jarred off.  Was it my "" Friendly ghost "" or what? 

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Is There A God

Back in 1976 I went to a community park.  It was 9p.m. and I was alone.  I pushed the automatic light switch and the basketball court lights came on after 5 or so minutes.  I began to play basketball alone.  No one else was around to my knowledge. 

After 30 minutes the lights went out automatically and I had to push the light switch button again. Waiting in the dark for the lights to come back on, I heard a voice coming from the dark.  The voice was clear and distinct. It said "There is no God."  I began to talk to the unknown voice.  I said that there was a God. I got scared. I could not see the originator of this voice.  Yet the voice came as if I was standing right next to someone.  That is what got me scared, that it came from the dark, it questioned Gods existence and I could not see who I was talking to. 

The lights never came back on.  I got on my bike and left. The memory of what happened that night has left me wondering why it happened at all. This is a true story. 

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The Floating Man

This haunting happened in Castro Valley, California.  My brother and I went to clean out a house that had been remodeled.  Not knowing the history of the house I went in to clean. 

 I started in the back bathroom.  It took about 20 minutes to clean it.  I left to start in the kitchen.  I had left some rags in the bathroom, so I went back to get them, and the bathroom was dirty again.  Thinking my brother messed it up I cleaned it again.  I then went to finish cleaning the kitchen.  I finished then went to the den to look at the new furniture.  I rested in there a few minutes, then went to wipe down the front bathroom.  As I left the bathroom, I started to walk down the hallway, and heard the back toilet flush.  So I called out for my brother thinking he was back there.  No answer.  I called out to him again, and he came in from the garage and asked me what I wanted.  So I told him what happened, and we walked toward the back bathroom and the toilet was still running. 

Later, as I was walking toward the den this man started to walk toward me.  I stopped to watch this man who was floating above the ground disappear.  I turned around and left the building screaming.  My brother asked me what was wrong, and I told him what happened.  He went into the house and didn't see anyone. 

 I refused to go back in there.  Then my brother told me on the way home, that he had taken his dog there with him to work, and in the hallway she stopped, started to growl, peed there and ran out with her tail between her legs.  When they finally got her, she was shaking real bad.  They had to fight her to get her back in the truck.  I later learned, that the reason the house was being remodeled, was the man that lived there killed himself by burning the house down with him in it!

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The Walker

I am a 44 year old Accountant. I am married, no kids and I have not really believed in ghosts until living in our last house. My wife and I moved into a small, approximately 650 sq. ft, home in 1993. At the time this was all we could find that would allow pets. Strange things began happening the very first night we stayed there. About 2:00 in the morning I was awoken by a loud noise. It sounded and felt like maybe a car had ran into the house, and since the house was on a busy street, I thought that's what had happened. I got out of bed and checked all around the house, and nothing was there.

After we had lived there about a month, we started hearing things at night. It sounded like there was someone walking around the house. Remember this was a very small house and there was no mistaking what footsteps sounded like. After while we got used to the footsteps and quit getting up to check them out. From then on about every other time it sounded like someone was stomping across the floor on their heels. Along with the footsteps we started experiencing things disappearing. This got to a point that we would actually say out loud "OK we have had enough, please return the item. Soon after it would be where we thought it was to begin with.

Another strange thing that would happen involved our dog. While watching TV, we could see the doorways to both bedrooms. Our poodle would usually be sitting beside my wife or me. Our dog out of the blue would jump down, run to one of the doorways, and stand there and bark, like someone just entered the room. You have heard the stories about dogs with the hair standing up on their backs. I like to tape a talk radio show each day right after work and then I listen to it when I go to bed. One night I crawled in bed, flipped on the tape player and after a couple minutes of listening, there was a loud long moan on the tape. We played it over and over and never could figure out what it was. "If I ever have something like that on the tape that says my name, we are out of here," I said to my wife.

I usually get up about 5 AM, work out for about an hour and then my wife gets up about 6:00. A few times while living there I would be working out in the other room and I would here the toilet flush. Again remember how small this house is. I would walk to the bathroom only to discover that nobody was in there, and my wife was still in bed sound asleep.

I guess I should mention that there was this old cane hanging on the hot water heater pipes that we used to joke around about, saying that it belonged to the old women that used to live there, now passed on. This is whose ghost we were convinced was living with us. I have had more than one dream of throwing that cane away, only to discover it back on the pipes again later. I used to have about twenty baseball/golf hats on a rack above the bed. I think we had gone out to eat dinner somewhere and when we came home, all the hats were off the rack and arranged in rows on my bed. This was just too weird. Was this just our imagination? Well nothing like this ever happened in any houses we lived in before or after.

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Dark Man

This is a true Story, it all started when I started to get really involved in Ghost stories and Vampires.  I was trying to get to sleep after a long day out, I turned my light out and closed my eyes but for some reason I felt as if someone was staring at me.

After awhile I opened my eyes and looked at my doorway, Standing there was a man in a cape he looked like the grim reaper, he lifted his head and I realized he had no face, My first instinct was to scream but I didn't I just stared at him, Then I actually got up and started to walk towards him, that was when my sister came up the stairs, she entered her room and flicked on the light.  The man disappeared, but over my brothers bed an angel was hovering. I ran to my bed and put the covers over me, I tried to tell my sister but she laughed it off saying that I was imagining things, but as soon as she flicked the light off the man was there again, but this time he raised his finger to his mouth and said "shhhhh".  I turned the other away then he was gone.

I woke up the next day telling myself it was my imagination, but then I knew I had seen things, Anyway the next day was my birthday and my best friend Gina had slept over, I told her about what happened last night she didn't believe me, I Could tell that she was spooked.

 I looked into my brother's room and saw a light glowing we both got scared so I went to investigate it, but when I went there I realized it was just my brothers nightlight, We laughed it off but then I heard someone call my name in a soft whisper, I thought it was Gina so I said “What?” she said "I didn't say anything.” I freaked out and she freaked out because we were the only ones upstairs. She said she did not call me. Then I wondered who did call me? 

 For about 2 weeks everything went smoothly. Then I was reading in my room when I heard whispering, I asked out aloud "Who are you and what do you want?"  No answer. I then went downstairs to sleep. Everything has been quiet lately but every once in awhile something falls on it's own or I hear my name being called, believe me or don't believe me, it's up to you. 

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Who’s There?

This event took place in 1975, at that time I was living in a house in Bangor, Maine..
It was around 7.30pm and I was upstairs taking a bath, my wife who worked some evenings and was not due home till 10pm and my daughter who was 5 years old at the time was in bed.

I suddenly heard my front door, which had a deadbolt  lock and had to be opened with a key, open and close and footsteps coming up the stairs. The door when opening and closing made quite a distinctive sound because the hallway floor was uneven and the door had to be pushed quite hard to open it, which made the door, and the glass in it vibrate, making an unmistakable sound. I just thought that my wife had come home early and carried on bathing, I called out to her to tell her where I was, but got no response.

I got out of the bath and went to look around the house, but there was nobody there. I thought it was strange and that I was just hearing things. I mentioned it to her when she came home, asking her if she came home earlier, she said no and anyway she was a cashier at the local theater and would have been serving customers at that time, so I thought no more of the incident.

One evening about a week later, We were all at home together, my wife went out to the store to buy snacks for ourselves and our daughter to eat and drink while we were watching television. She had been gone a short time and as the store was only about ½ mile away I was expecting her back fast.

Then front door made its grating sound as it opened, my daughter and Sam, our little black dog immediately went to the hallway which adjoined the room we were in to greet her, I stayed put watching T.V.  There was silence! No excited chatter from my daughter as she greeted her mother, no sounds from the dog as she greeted her mistress, just silence.  I became attracted by the lack of sound, got up and went into the hallway a couple of steps away, in the hallway were just my daughter and Sam both looking quite confused, no sign of my wife!

Who or what had opened the door?  My wife came back from the store a few minutes later. I immediately told her what had happened and jokingly accused her of doing it, which she denied and still does.

We sat and talked about the events and then both remembered what her Grandfather said to her. He had died a few weeks earlier. She had been to visit him a few times before he died, he was always telling her he was coming to see her, as he was bedridden at the time and terminally ill that was not possible, so perhaps when he died he kept his promise and came in spirit!

Just over week later it happened again. I came home from work to my wife asking me if  I opened the door a few minutes earlier? She had heard the door open and close with nobody entering the home.

That was the last time it happened . What was opening it? The spirit of a dead grandfather keeping his promise I don't know, but I do know locked doors do not open of their own accord, or do they?

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The Apartment

We had just moved into an apartment in Tarpon Springs Florida and we started noticing strange things right away.  First off we continuously kept seeing a woman sitting with our children while they were sleeping we kind of figured or hope I should say, that it is a guardian angel of some sort, that thought has never left our minds.  

The next thing I noticed myself was while the kids were sleeping, a strange light that came from nowhere. The window was open in the kids bedroom and it seemed as if the light was right here, in the middle of the window screen, like a reflection. I walked over to it and looked around outside and saw no light from any source outside so I looked inside.  I couldn't find a source at all, I tried placing my hand over it and saw no shadow or light on my hand at all it was like it was coming from within the screen in the window weird huh.

Next was the fact that our 3 year old daughter asked us if the man in the walls would hurt her. We kind of dismissed that as a bad dream or something, until she asked us three more times on several different occasions.  

Then our 1 year old daughter who just learned to walk just stared at the back door to the apartment and started walking backwards and straight into my arms and held my neck so tight I had to struggle to loosen her up and she did not want to be let down at all for like an hour she just held onto my neck and would not let go.  I don't know if that has anything to do with anything but considering everything else I would not dismiss it at all.

Now for a real kicker here, I took my wife to work and came home and put the 1 year old baby to bed for a nap and my other two kids took a nap on the couch also.  I thought that since I had some free time I would take a nap upstairs in my bedroom. About 2 hours later I heard my name being called from a woman downstairs  and I immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see who she was when I saw the back door open and my 3 year old son in the middle of the street.  I grabbed him up in my arms and looked for the woman and I never saw anyone and considering we just moved in no one around knows my name????

There is also the fact that missing items appear right where we previously had been looking for them, a few moments earlier.

There was a time that I took a shower and when I got out of the shower the faucet in the sink was turned on and a handprint was in the mirror that resembled a skeleton like hand or real bony hand at that.

My wife says that she has heard her name in the middle of the night and various voices in the middle of the night.  She has also had dreams of this place about a blonde woman and her husband that lived here and were murdered.  I don't know the reliability of that one but considering the facts here of what we have seen we are not taking anything for granted.  

Oh and one more little thing, while I was falling asleep just tonight I felt a tap on my nose and I opened my eyes and saw a hand being pulled away and I thought my wife must have done it but she was bundled up tight in her blanket and sound asleep, needless to say I couldn't sleep tonight so I looked up ghosts on the web and found this one.  

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A few years ago. my husband and I restored a wonderful old Victorian house in Arkansas city , Kansas.  It was built circa 1898 and was blessed with lovely ornate trim and hardware.

 I was careful with my research and work on the property and liked to think that the original owners would be pleased with what we had done. There was a wonderful feeling to the house and I always felt welcome there. One day I was on the back porch , when I heard the voice of a small child say "Mama" in a questioning tone. I was shocked to hear it as there was no one anywhere near me. Behind the house as far as I could see, there was no sign of anything or anyone. My children were older then the voice and were away at school. I never saw or heard anything there again but I always wondered who the child might have been.

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Too Scared To Sleep

I thought you might want to hear my unbelievable but very true story. Well my grandmother likes to go into old buildings, check out old stuff. She went into this abandoned house in Guthrie, Oklahoma and there was a worn down vanity in one of the rooms when she saw it, she thought it would be something I would like. She decided it would be cool to take it home and fix it up for me. She did this and within in a couple of weeks I had an old, but neat looking vanity.

One night my husband had left for a business trip, I have always hated sleeping alone. But I thought ok your 23 grow up. So I just went home and passed out.  I was awaken by a loud crash,  I looked over to the vanity and I was shocked my vanity mirror was broken, glass all over the floor it was too weird. 

I am already freaked because I hate sleeping alone so I called my best friend and she came over we drank a little and passed out. I got up in the middle of the night because I had left my window open and it was getting cold in my room so I got up and closed the window.  I heard some kind of singing downstairs like a humming I looked over and my friend was still asleep so I tired to be brave and I walked down the stairs and I saw a white glow, I had no idea what it was I was so scared.  I went running to my room and I  tripped over a vanity shelf and then got up realizing that all the shelves had been pulled out, all of my stuff  was being thrown all over the room.  My friend bounced up and then all the stuff stopped, nothing else ever happened again after I got rid of the vanity.

I  figured someone or something most have missed it! Yes I know how crazy this sounds never thought anything like this would have ever happened to me.  I would like to think the white glow was a figment of my imagination because I was so scared,  but there is no explanation for the rest of what happened.

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Finally At Rest

 When I was 19, living with my mother in Dallas, TX, a friend of mine was involved in a car accident which put him into a coma.  He lingered for about 3 months, then passed away.  It is rather coincidental that the night he was in the accident, I had been planning on going out with him, but couldn't, because I didn't have a babysitter that evening.  But I digress...

When I learned of his death, I was rather distraught.  It was the first time I had to deal with someone my age dying.  Perhaps part of this was due to the fact that it forced me to look at my own mortality,  It matters little.  What matters is that I was upset,  I cried for days.  I had assumed that he'd be getting better, coming out of the coma soon.  At any rate, I went to his funeral, and grieved with others who had known him.

That night, as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I suddenly found myself in a trancelike state.  My eyes were closed, but I wasn't asleep.  I felt very aware, alert.  I looked around, and I was in what I can only describe as a place that wasn't a place.  It was filled with a lot of purplish-gray swirling mist.  When I looked up, I saw a figure approaching,  It was my friend who had died.  He said nothing, he simply took me in his arms and hugged me tightly, resting his chin on top of my head, which was his habit as he was fairly tall.  I felt at peace then, and I knew that he was all right.  After a moment, he vanished and I opened my eyes, wide awake.

I don't know for sure what happened.  It is possible that it was a simple dream, formed from grief and wishful thinking, but I feel that it was my friend, coming to say good bye one last time.

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