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These pages are dedicated to my mother, why?  Because my mother insist on telling me about the time I was a toddler and how the ghost living in our home kept taking my toys, she also tells other stories about strange things that have happened in our house.  I have included some of her tales of ghostly encounters and some of  the things that happened to me, according to my mother.  These will be placed within, and a special note stating "According To My Mother;" will identify my, well,,, I guess you can say, close encounter of the spooky kind, until then check out the other creepy stories.

The Man In My Dreams | This Old House


The Man In My Dreams

We no longer live in this house but, about 10 years ago we had just moved into a new house.  The first night there we were getting into bed and heard a huge crash.  It sounded like a heavy dresser or something had crashed to the floor.  My husband (baseball bat in hand) and I (shaking) got up to see what had happened. We couldn't find anything; we went back to bed thinking "What the Heck?" 

 Soon I began having recurring dreams where an old man was trying to strangle me. I would wake up gasping and sometimes I would be in the act of trying to hide under the blankets when I would realize I was just dreaming.  Anyway I thought nothing of it until a few months went by. 

 My 3 year old son was playing with his "Lego’s" on the coffee table right in front of me. He stopped suddenly and I could see him following something with his eyes. Then he turned his head and looked down the hall. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Looking at the old man that went into your bedroom." I freaked out!  I hadn't felt anything cold or different but "It" would have passed right in front of me because of the way I was sitting. I rushed to my room where my husband was studying and asked him if he heard or felt anything weird. He said "Nope".  After I explained what had happened he laughed it off.  I always felt very uncomfortable in that house after that!

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This Old House

I currently live in a house with my brother & his family.  It's a large house, and it's seen many things in its time, including prohibition and the Great Depression.

A few weeks after I moved in, I was awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of footsteps coming from the basement.  I lay still for a moment, thinking perhaps I was a little disoriented, and quickly realized I wasn't. I listened as the footstep
s came up from the basement, and walked around the downstairs area, I was frozen with fear.  It sounded as if they owner of the footsteps was checking the house, to make sure it was all locked up.  As the steps started to come upstairs, I reached for the phone to dial 911.  But no sooner had I done that, they quickly went back down to the basement. 
 I shared this with my sister-in-law the next day, and she told me that she had heard them before too.  To this day, we get our nightly visit at the same time - 4-4:30am!

My brother, who is the type that refuses to believe anything unless he sees it, became a believer, when one night
he encountered a women, as per his description, dressed in a bath robe, slippers, and towel on her hair, walk into my room, and then come into his, and looked right at him, he said she had no face, just a bright white light.  I believe this because while I wasn't there, my sister in law told me he was terrified.

Since then, we've had little encounters.  Typical things, like lights going on & off.  The TV changing channels by itself.  The thing is, is no one is afraid of these things, we don't get a sense of fear from it.  I've also gone to the basement and said, "You’re welcome to stay."  There have been times when, as I'm getting clothes from the washer, I will see another shadow quickly pass by me.  Still, I’m not afraid.

I thought I might add, we've done research on the house, and we know that it was kept in one family for many years, until the wife passed away, and then it was sold. 

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